AJ'S Feathered Friends
  From Our Family To Yours ... :) 

Hand Tame Exotic Birds - From Our Family To Yours

1 Timneh African Grey Baby left available for deposit! Super sweet, and will be accustomed to family, other pets, and children ! :)


1 Timneh African Grey Baby $1,800 Super Sweet

1 Catalina Macaw Baby $2,200 SOLD

1 Blue and Gold Macaw Baby $2,000 Already talking and taking showers!

1 Central American Scarlet Macaw currently learning how to fly $2,400

1- 1 year old super sweet Umbrella Cockatoo raised by us but the new owners had an unexpected situation where they could not keep the baby DNA Sex Girl $2,000

Green Cheek Conures:

Yellowsides $350 sold

Pineapples $350 sold

Turquoise $450 sold

Cinnamon Turquoise $425 sold

Normals $325 sold

Turquoise Yellowside $425 sold
Ultra High Red Pineapple & Yellowside $425 sold

Baby Sun Conures $500 1 DNA Sexed baby girl available

Budgies $100

Blue Crown Conures $799

Nanday Conure $500

2 Baby Peach Front Conures $500

Indian Ringnecks

(ALL IRN babies sold.  Expecting more babies in the Spring.)

Indian Ringnecks are unsexed unless specified on list.  Sexing can be done at customer's expense for $30

Tooki-25 Yr old Blue and Gold Macaw $600
Tooki has stolen our hearts!! He has passed his transition phase, and he is now ready for adoption.  Tooki's original owners passed away, and unfortunately he was given to someone whom did not have a lot of experience with parrots.  He was found in a basement with his waste at the bottom of his cage piled high.  He was fed table scraps and leftovers versus a healthy parrot diet.  This led Tooki to pluck out of emotional stress.  He was taken from his situation, and he found his way to us.  Tooki would like to let you know that although he has plucked a little, that it doesn't take away from his huge heart.  His personality is not the norm for a 25 year old Blue and Gold Macaw! He will step up to many customers, and interact with them in a docile manner.  He will ride on your shoulder while you drive without causing a fuss, and if he is having a bad day, he'd rather just put his head down for head scratches instead of trying to intimidate you away.  He has an amazing soul, and he is looking for a forever family. *Please note: you will need to speak directly to the owner if interested in adopting Tooki or any other adult rescue bird or adult bird needing to be rehomed.  We are trying to ensure that there is 100 percent knowledge on what to expect when adopting an adult bird.  


5 Year Old Blue Front Amazon

He shows curiousness to interact. He has been kept in a basement for many years with very little human interaction.  He has begun to talk and mimic other birds in the store. We would love to find him a forever home with someone who has patience and understanding of rescue birds.  He currently will not step up but when the cage door is left open he will approach in curiosity.  $600

5 year Old Blue Front Amazon

Docile demeanor.  He needs some work to not be afraid of hands. Will nibble on fingers, take food and toys from you and interact. He will come out of the cage, and talk. Was kept in a basement for many years, with two other Amazons whom I believe to be his mom and dad.  So as of now we call him baby which fits his personality very well!  I can tell this little guy wants social interaction very much!! :) $800

AJs is very proud and humbled to hear that customers are calling in from around the country to reserve a baby that is hand fed / tamed / and socialized by them.  Although there are birds available at the store that have been raised by the breeders themselves, AJs would like to assure customers that they only work with a few select breeders that understand and respect the level of commitment and standards on raising the babies. 

Baby Sun Conure playing :)